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                      1. D E S I G N E L I T E
                        設 計 精 英
                        DOTT.MIGUEL PINTO

                        Miguel Pinto 在葡萄牙的Coimbra工作和學習經濟學數年,在此期間,他生出了對于室內設計和生活方式前沿創新的強烈熱情。他組織了許多活動,其中他融合了技術,風格,音樂和燈光。從2012年到2014年,他在倫敦松林制片廠就職,在那裏他參與了許多國際幸福彩票计划怎么登录首页項目,得到了許多開發和測試創新項目的機會,並進一步發展了他使用燈光的經驗。從2002年到2006年,他在Wiseo市擔任會計,公共建設部門。從2006年到2010年,他在城市重建部門工作,處理曆史悠久的市中心的公衆項目。他在葡萄牙裏斯本的Nova大學學習了聲學科學專業,以及他不斷摸索最新穎的時尚風格和潮流。



                        DOTT.MIGUEL PINTO

                        INTERIOR DESIGNER

                        Miguel  Pinto worked and studied Economics in Coimbra for a number of years, during which he developed a strong passion for interior design and life style cutting edge innovation.He organized many events, in which he combined technologies, style, music, and lighting.From 2012 to 2014, he worked in London where he developed further his experience in lighting at the Pinewood Studios, where he had the chance to work on a number of  international projects, developing and test innovative projects.From 2002 to 2006,he worked in Viseo Municipality as accountant for the Public Construction Sector. From 2006 to 2010, he worked in the Urban Rehab Department, dealing with public projects in the historical city centre.He studied acoustics in musical science at the Universidad Nova in Lisbon, as well as he constandy explored the most innovative fashion styles and trends.


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