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              1. D E S I G N E L I T E
                設 計 精 英

                建築師Maria Daniela Prevedini 于1983年畢業于都靈理工大學並于1987年加入Nigra工作室。此後,她參與了包括在私人和公衆方面大量的城市設計,景觀,文物古迹和住宅項目。在這些項目中,其中最重要的是ATC的Corso Francia的住房項目;關于位于意大利Bard,Valle d’Aosta曆史遺産的分析和調查;位于意大利Verres,Valle d’Aosta的景觀影響分析;位于意大利Verres,Valle d’Aosta曆史遺産的分析和調查;Bard城的顔色表;和許多圍繞意大利的私人建築和室內設計項目。




                Arch. Maria Dainiela Prcvedini graduated at the Puiytcchnic of Turin in 1983 and joined SfcudioNigra in1987. Since then, she worked on a large number of urbandesign landscape, heritage, and residential projects, both in the private and public sector.Among these projects, some of the most important are the ATC Corso Francia Housing project; the historical analysis and investigation for the buiit heritage site of Bard, Vdlle d'Aosta; the landscape impacL analysis for Verres, Valle d'Aosta; the hisLurical anaiysi'i and investigation  for the built heniage site of Verrcs,Valie d'Aosia; the colour plan for Bard; and a number of private architectural and interior design projects around Italy.

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