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                D E S I G N E L I T E
                設 計 精 英
                ARCH.MARIANNA NIGRA

                建築師Marianna Nigra 于2007年畢業于都靈理工大學。她在許多國家,如泰國,柬埔寨,西班牙,瑞典和澳大利亞工作過。她在零售,住宅和商業方面管理和設計了許多國際建築及室內設計項目。她參加由都靈理工大學舉辦的設計比賽:‘城市,建築與社會,前沿孟買’並勝出,並在意大利威尼斯雙年展展出。她一直都從事與國際幸福彩票全天计划首页與研究工作,並任教于都靈理工大學:作爲研究生可持續發展與建築課程的主要導師;以及她在意大利米蘭的馬蘭歐尼學院時尚設計部門教授室內設計與繪圖技術。



                ARCH.MARIANNA NIGRA


                Arch.Marianna Nigra graduated at the Polytechnic of Turin in 2007. She worked in many countries such as Tiailand, Cambodia, Spain, Sweden, and Australia. She managed and designed a number of international  architectural  and interior design projects, in retail, residential, and commercial sector. She participated and won with the Polytechnic of Turin to the Design Competition: City, Architecture and Society, 'CuUmg edge Bombay', at the Biennale of Architecture, Venice, ItaJy in 2006. She has been Loihborating both in research and teaching at the Polytechnic of Turin, as subject coordinator of the Final Atelier in the Master of Architecture and Sustainabiliiy; as well as she teaches Interior Design and Drawing Techniques at the Marangoni institute of Fashion and Design, in Milan, Italy。


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