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            • D E S I G N E L I T E
              設 計 精 英

              建築師Valdemaro Nigra 是Nigra工作室的創始人。他于1976年畢業于都靈理工,從那時起他在建築,室內和建設領域開始了成功經營。他曾參與的主要項目有:如基礎設施方面,2006年冬季奧運會;都靈國際機場'Sandro Pertini“的延伸;和一批意大利的曆史文物建築的資格認證與翻新。其中後者,他參與了Veneria皇宮關于皇家馬廄的工作;他設計了意大利亞曆山德裏亞商會會議室。此外,他還與廣大公衆和私人客戶在建築,景觀和室內設計項目中有著廣泛的幸福彩票网页版首页。



              GENERAL MANAGER

              Arch. Valdemaro Nigra is the founder of StudioNigra. He graduated at the Polytechnic of Turin in 1976, and since then has successfully operated in the field of architecture, interior, and construction, He has been involved in major projects such as the infrastructure for 2006 Winter Olympic Games; the extension of Turin International Airport 'Sandro Pertini'; and the refurbishment and requalification of a number of historic and heritage building in Italy. Among these latter, he participated in the work for the Royal Stables at the Royal Palace ofVenaria, and he designed the building and all the interiors for the Chamber of Commerce ofAJessandria, Itaiy, Moreover, he has worked with a vast number of public and private clients on architectural, landscape and interior design projects.



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