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Self Healing (Under construction)  

Last updated November 11, 2021



Want to hear a really depressing fact?  As of June, 2018, you are just one of 7.6 billion people in the world today.  Have you ever wonder how many people our world can support? When do we reach its limit?

7.6 billion.

The biggest problem with that figure is that we have no concept of what it means; it’s too large to comprehend. What it really means is we're outgrowing our world's capacity to feed us. 

7.6 billion—7,600,000,000 mouths wanting food.  7,600,000,000 mouths wanting water. 7,600,000,000 people wanting your job.  7,600,000,000 people craving all the attention that you deserve.


We’re lost in a quagmire of bodies clamoring after the same things we want.

No wonder we’re depressed.

You know what makes it worse?

Technology and robots are stealing your jobs—jobs that you need to support your family.  We're like lemmings racing for the cliff to end it all...we just keep populating an earth that has reached its natural capacity to support us, and then, on top of that, we're losing our jobs so we can't work to support our families. 

If that isn't enough, we all want to be first.  Think not? Tell me, what argument have you ever been in that you wanted to lose? 

I didn't think so.

And, subconsciously knowing there’s no way we can be first, or even in the top 10%, we’re depressed.

Mind you, all this takes place on a subconscious mind-level, so we’re completely unaware of why we feel the way we do.

I don’t know if this will cheer you up or not, but the fact is, you were born with a specific purpose. Out of all those 7.6 billion people in the world, you are unique…they jes’ ain’t no other person like you. 

Embrace it!

And then find out what your purpose is, and why you're unique.  (Click here to find out how.)