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This webpage is based primarily on life experience, observation and deductions.  I'm the type of person who does things without thinking, such as scooping up an extremely dangerous baby snake in a cigar box while stationed in Okinawa


This website is here to (hopefully) help to solve some of life’s more perplexing problems...not by telling you what to believe, what you should do or how you should live, but by sharing some of what I’ve been through and some of my discoveries.  How best to do this, I have no idea—perhaps by telling a little about my background.

The first thing to get out of the way is that I’m probably older than you since I'll be 82 in September. The second thing is that my life has not been an  ordinary one—I wanted it to be, but it didn't work out that way.  I went into the navy in 1957 with the intention of retiring in 20 years.  That was in 1957.  In 1970 I was discharged due to becoming a bachelor father.

Then everything changed.

In one way or another my life has been a search for what is real and what is fantasy; in other words, a search for truth.

Although it took a long time to get there I started my final life’s career at an age when most people are retired—63.

Have I found ultimate truth?

Not at all.  But I have discovered an important part of it—that we’re not alone.  This is most especially true when we avail ourselves of the unseen help that is available. 

You know what the most important thing to do is?  Forget almost everything we’ve been taught in regards to religion.  Now that I’ve said that…

I’m an active Presbyterian pastor.  What kind of pastor am I?  You can listen to some of the stories (above), or watch a sermon and find out. (Aug 8: Click here). 

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